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Random edition

Counter-Strike Oneshot

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This version its a new update from 2024.

  • You may receive a warning from Microsoft SmartScreen when launching the setup!!! .
  • However, this warning is false-positive and will disappear once our setup is signed!!! .
  • Important!!! Nu puteți deschide programul de instalare?
  • Solution here :
  • 1. First step: Open the install and display the message from the first picture;
  • 2. Step 2: Click on More Info;
  • 3. Step 3: Click on “Run Anyway”
  • 4. Step 4: Follow the normal installation steps! ENJOY!!!

Most of the cs kits you have are outdated and have vulnerabilities
I provide you with a cs kit downloaded directly from steam with the latest official valve update The
kit is intact, has no modification, except crack + XGuard which protects you against slowhack
You can play on any server, supports any kind of protocol
You are immune to plugin to exterminate/destroy/pika this being update made by valve + XGuard
Admins will no longer be able to execute commands on you like: connect, quit, retry etc.
Now if you can’t afford Counter-Strike on steam, this kit is the perfect alternative The
kit uses my masterserver, you won’t find many servers but with time I’ll add more
The crack was made with Revemu, latest version: Build Version:Protocol version 48, Exe version (cstrike)Exe build: 15:17:
55 Jul, 24, 2019 (8308

  • Atentie, aceasta versiune de CS 1.6 a fost trimisa de MortallCs.Ro utilizatori, nu suntem responsabili pentru continut, pentru notificari/drepturi de autor va rugam sa ne contactati si admin vom sterge link-ul catre fisierul ofensator.

Download .exe 0 descarcari
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